Covid-19: Active Rest

Since our provincial government has encouraged us to stay at home, I have been trying to plan out meals and calendar activities for this month and next. I fully intended on staying inside and not risking going out for shopping, but as our risk of contracting the virus will only increase over the next several... Continue Reading →

Speaking your truth

In my research into hypothyroidism, I came across the Hindu teachings about chakras. To be clear, I don't ascribe to Hinduism but my interest was piqued by their belief that thryoid issues were due in part to not using your voice. Acquiescing to others when you know you shouldn't; staying silent instead of speaking up;... Continue Reading →

Renewed: Day 37, Having a Voice

"When we remain silent or refuse to use our gifts, we hamper the body of Christ from achieving its fullness. God places members in the body of Christ to bring it to health, and we are part of the body. Our voices and gifts matter." (Renewed, Leigh Powers, pg 155) I am passionate about people... Continue Reading →

Renewed: Day 33, Beauty in the Body

"Christ died for the church. That bears repeating. Christ died for the church. He died for us as individuals, yes. But he also died for us as a body, for who we are together. There is a corporate power and identity in the church that is valuable and precious -- and beautiful. Some days it... Continue Reading →


This past Autumn, a few of us at our church prayer meeting were given similar thoughts on the need for healing in our church and community. We weren't sure what it all looked like, but my pastor-husband began to research different options and we all began to pray about it. This week, we are holding... Continue Reading →

Healing: Faith meets the Faithful One

Reaching out through the dusty feet of a crowd, she grasps his hem, and hopes for healing.  Faith meets the Faithful One.  A current of power passes through her grasping, hoping hands into her bleeding depths. ... It wasn't about the outer garment. Gifts are rarely accurately reflected by their packaging. It was all about... Continue Reading →


I was going to say, "swamped" but 'quagmire' just sounds more poetic. Either way, I am caught up in circumstances that are difficult to maneuver and somewhat overwhelming. On the positive side, I have finished going through part 1/4 of the Bible study that I'm writing with one of the ladies in my 'guinea pig... Continue Reading →

Owning it

And that about sums up where my heart is at. I've been praying for protection as I process through and 'own' my story, my hurt, my feelings, my life. I remember having an appointment with a christian counselor in my teens, where he said to me that my healing would be easier if my Dad... Continue Reading →

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