Speaking your truth

In my research into hypothyroidism, I came across the Hindu teachings about chakras. To be clear, I don't ascribe to Hinduism but my interest was piqued by their belief that thryoid issues were due in part to not using your voice. Acquiescing to others when you know you shouldn't; staying silent instead of speaking up;... Continue Reading →

Pink Glasses of Hope

"Honor your own pace. "Walk, don't run." Recovery doesn't care about your ambition, only on your current ability. Mental illness is trauma and trauma takes time to heal."             Sam Dylan Finch The problem with knowing the basics of something, is forming assumptions about how long it should take to master... Continue Reading →

Renewed: Day 37, Having a Voice

"When we remain silent or refuse to use our gifts, we hamper the body of Christ from achieving its fullness. God places members in the body of Christ to bring it to health, and we are part of the body. Our voices and gifts matter." (Renewed, Leigh Powers, pg 155) I am passionate about people... Continue Reading →

Renewed: Day 34, Honoring Others

"There are times when we must honor people who will never honor us back. Like David, we may be tempted to strike out and give as we have been given. We may even be surrounded by our own chorus of friends egging us on. But Christ gives us a higher calling. The people around us... Continue Reading →

Renewed: Day 22, Courage

"Give me the courage to cling tighter when I want to run and press in when I want to push you away. Help me accept that the "why" questions may never get answered. You have told me who you are. Let that be the only answer I need." (Renewed, Leigh Powers, pg. 92) That picture... Continue Reading →

Renewed: Day 15, No Apology

The theme for this week has been on forgiveness. Forgiveness relates to conflict, which is something that every relationship worth growing will face. We are unique individuals who see things through the lenses of our past experiences and our faith paradigm. I remember sitting in a ladies Bible study in one of our churches, with... Continue Reading →

Renewed: Day 8, Expectations

There are always those few people in a congregation that slyly tell me their criticisms of my husband or ask me to pass on a message to my husband for them. Seemingly innocent, but not. These are people who consistently act in ways that demonstrate their desire to control my husband. 'Who better to go... Continue Reading →

Renewed: Day 5, Betrayal in Ministry

After the day I've already had, I figure, why not tackle it? It runs so closely to rejection, or at least, in my experience, wherever there has been betrayal, it has led to rejection. The closer the relationship, the worse the betrayal. How many times in ministry have we become friends with people in our... Continue Reading →

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