Renewed: Day 37, Having a Voice

"When we remain silent or refuse to use our gifts, we hamper the body of Christ from achieving its fullness. God places members in the body of Christ to bring it to health, and we are part of the body. Our voices and gifts matter." (Renewed, Leigh Powers, pg 155) I am passionate about people... Continue Reading →

Renewed: Day 30, Dreams

"The death of a dream has its own shape of grief. You don't go to a church or take a new ministry position expecting to crash and burn. You dream about the lives changed and the difference made. You wonder what the revival will look like when it shows up. And you dream about the... Continue Reading →

Renewed: Day 23, Faithfulness

"Whatever comes, remind me of your faithfulness. If it feels like I'm standing alone, remind me you are with me. If I'm reviled, remind me you were too. If I succeed, remind me the victory is yours. And if I don't, remind me my ultimate victory is found in you. You are faithful. I put... Continue Reading →

Renewed, Day 21, Silence

"God's silence can be painful. We can experience seasons of silence for different reasons. Sometimes people can't hear from God because they have never surrendered to Christ's lordship. We may experience God's silence because we are harboring unconfessed sin or have rejected a clear calling from God. Yet sometimes none of those apply. God's silence... Continue Reading →

Renewed, Day 19, Moving Forward

I am so glad that I've had these past few weeks of Christmas and all of the busy-ness that goes with the December seasonal activities. I had made it half-way through this day's devotional and just wasn't at the place to be able to process and write about it until now. We had been presented... Continue Reading →

Renewed: Day 8, Expectations

There are always those few people in a congregation that slyly tell me their criticisms of my husband or ask me to pass on a message to my husband for them. Seemingly innocent, but not. These are people who consistently act in ways that demonstrate their desire to control my husband. 'Who better to go... Continue Reading →

Renewed: Day 4, Rejection

Just writing the word, "rejection", stirs up the events of the past few hours. I received a phone call from my mother, criticizing me (as lovingly and carefully as she could) for (private, custom-audience selected) social media posts I have been making from time to time over the past several weeks about our current challenges... Continue Reading →

Project: Renewed, Day 1

I am in the middle of schooling my children; cleaning spaces in our house that have been neglected for too long; and making plans for Christmas - along with all the rest of normal life demands. I find my time divided unevenly between all that needs doing and what I choose to do... so I'm... Continue Reading →

Healing: Faith meets the Faithful One

Reaching out through the dusty feet of a crowd, she grasps his hem, and hopes for healing.  Faith meets the Faithful One.  A current of power passes through her grasping, hoping hands into her bleeding depths. ... It wasn't about the outer garment. Gifts are rarely accurately reflected by their packaging. It was all about... Continue Reading →


I was going to say, "swamped" but 'quagmire' just sounds more poetic. Either way, I am caught up in circumstances that are difficult to maneuver and somewhat overwhelming. On the positive side, I have finished going through part 1/4 of the Bible study that I'm writing with one of the ladies in my 'guinea pig... Continue Reading →

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