Renewed: Day 35/40, Angry Dragons / Wounded Sheep

"I'm not saying that we should put up with sheer meanness or verbal abuse. There are times when we need to lovingly confront others about their sin. Sometimes we need to draw boundaries such as refusing to remain in a disrespectful conversation." (Renewed, Leigh Powers, pg 146) After my last post, I'm relieved that Powers... Continue Reading →

Renewed: Day 34, Honoring Others

"There are times when we must honor people who will never honor us back. Like David, we may be tempted to strike out and give as we have been given. We may even be surrounded by our own chorus of friends egging us on. But Christ gives us a higher calling. The people around us... Continue Reading →

Renewed: Day 32, Redemption

"...those lessons were costly. And the church - have they learned anything from this? Or will they repeat the same process with another pastor two years down the road: hope, disillusionment, blame, conflict, gone? It's out of my hands now.  God, I want to believe nothing is wasted with you. But what was the purpose... Continue Reading →

Renewed: Day 30, Dreams

"The death of a dream has its own shape of grief. You don't go to a church or take a new ministry position expecting to crash and burn. You dream about the lives changed and the difference made. You wonder what the revival will look like when it shows up. And you dream about the... Continue Reading →

Renewed: Day 29, Restoring Hope

"The difficulties of our present do not predict or constrain the future God has for his people. Life and ministry can be hard. Churches struggle with the realities of aging congregations and rapidly changing communities. Where our nation once culturally embraced Christianity, now our faith is often regarded with indifference and hostility." (Renewed, Leigh Powers,... Continue Reading →

Renewed: Day 28, Prayer

"Prayer is the bright thread connecting all my armor, giving it power and ensuring my victory. Help me to persevere in prayer at all times, in all circumstances, with all kinds of requests, and for all your people. Remind me prayer changes me." (Renewed, Leigh Powers, pg 117) When we started at our last church,... Continue Reading →

Renewed: Day 27,Worship

"...when I've spent the week weeping over the broken relationships and strife we seem unable to overcome, on Sunday mornings it's hard to worship." (Renewed, Leigh Powers, pg 111) This describes my battle most Sundays since September of last year. Once you know that your congregation has people in it who don't want your husband... Continue Reading →

Renewed: Day 25, His Daughter

"There's the nagging voice that lurks in the dark corners of my mind, easing out into the light when I'm tired or stressed or afraid. 'You're not good enough. You'll never measure up.' .... There are other voices too. ...Sometimes they come with a smile and a handshake on Sunday morning. ... And sometimes all... Continue Reading →

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