Speaking your truth

In my research into hypothyroidism, I came across the Hindu teachings about chakras. To be clear, I don't ascribe to Hinduism but my interest was piqued by their belief that thryoid issues were due in part to not using your voice. Acquiescing to others when you know you shouldn't; staying silent instead of speaking up;... Continue Reading →

Morning Musing: ‘then look up’

I often say that I have to have clean floors; as in, "I don't like starting school until the floors are vacuumed; I like to have clean floors." It's my own quirk and I'm usually okay with it; but this morning, as I was judging the state of my ensuite's floor, I was struck with... Continue Reading →


My mother was terrified of the water. As the first of eleven children born to a poor, prairie farmer and his wife, there either wasn't the time or opportunity to learn how to swim.  After she was married and had us kids, she made certain that my younger brother and myself took swimming lessons as... Continue Reading →

A Valentine Made of Snow

  I had a lovely little happening today.  My children had all been sent outside for fresh air, after their lessons were completed.  We've been in a bit of a cold spell but today I saw some drips from the neighbor's white-iced roof and if the forecast is to be trusted, we are expecting to... Continue Reading →

The Land Be-Tween

March, 2015 My 12 ½ year old son’s voice is changing.  He laughs, and both the squeaks and breaks jump in, reminding me that my man-child is ever approaching the ne’er to return brink of becoming an adult.  When I hugged him the other night before bedtime, he bent his head to rest upon my... Continue Reading →

Learning to Tie

I went to sleep with a headache, and woke up with a headache. As I stood in front of my sunny, kitchen window, thinking about non-sunny things, I came up with a plan.  Today: we learn to tie shoes. What if the rest of your life might be cut short and you had to figure out... Continue Reading →

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