Anxiety Buster: Talking It Out

I really had to come to the end of myself before I was ready to find and go to a counselor. I’ve known for the past few years that I likely needed some focused therapy, but there was always something… excuses… I live in the country; it’s too expensive and we don’t have insurance; I don’t want to drive in the winter on these roads; I’m busy homeschooling my kids; I am too tired to even start to talk out my story; I can’t imagine trying to do anything more; I’m fine for now – I think… And on and on it would go. Oh! and my biggest hurdle – I didn’t want to trust anyone else. I was too wounded.

I am nowhere near anti-therapy. I was a social worker. I have gone for counseling and therapy in the past and found it helpful.

But I’m also not into pushing therapy for those who may need other interventions like medication first. Sometimes the trauma or daily stresses are just too much and medication can help calm the system down so that therapy will be more beneficial.

You will know when you are ready to talk to someone.

There are a few different AI-led apps that may help you to fill in the gaps if you aren’t ready to trust a ‘real person’ right away. A web search will garner you many options to try. There are also apps that will link you to a real person on a help line – either through phone or text. These may be very good options for you if your budget or insurance is limited. There is help for you. People will listen. You are not alone. You do not have to handle everything all on your own. ā¤

Pastors, psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, social workers, chaplains, doctors, spiritual directors, … there are many different professionals who can help you. They are not perfect and you may need to try several different ones before you find the right fit, but there are helper-people out there for you.

In my case, I reconnected with a slight acquaintance who is a qualified psycho-therapist. She knew that finances were tight and was willing to help me for a reduced fee. I couldn’t do every week, so we are meeting every 2 weeks. It gives me the time I need for my family and other appointments and obligations, and also gives me time to process what we discuss.

Friends can be good listeners as well, but for those times of extreme stress, you may find that you need more focused, trained, attention.

Two more options, similar to talk therapy, are journaling and prayer. With journaling, you may find online prompts to be helpful. I recently completed a process that was very helpful in my journey. Helen Calder of Enliven Ministries, has written an article, “9 Clues to Your God-Given (Prophetic) Identity“. The thought provoking questions she included helped me to remember my identity in Christ and the calling He has upon my life. Prayer is a topic for a future post.

May you be surrounded by God’s peace and comfort as you process through pain and anxiousness. May He direct you to the right people to support you. May you be able to turn to Him for comfort and healing. ā¤

3 thoughts on “Anxiety Buster: Talking It Out

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    1. Thank you for your kind comment, cheriewhite. ā™” šŸ™‚
      Agreed – for those of us who stuff or distract ourselves (me!), getting out those deep layered emotions, anxieties, and grief is so important in our processing of them for healing.

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