Have you ever flown in an airplane that had to circle around before it could land? I feel a bit nervous about landings and am usually a bit worked up and overwhelmed, just wanting the flight to be over with. My patience is a little thin. I try to smile. Stay calm. And trust that circling around is a necessary maneuver that will ensure a smooth and safe landing. It must be in the flight plan, right? – and the pilot knows what’s best?

These past 5 months have felt like being confined in a circling plane.

I wonder when the pandemic will end. I feel both pressure and the need to return my home-life to normal. This has become easier since starting our new school year. Once I leave the safety of our home however, I’m reminded of just how helplessly stuck we all are – held captive to an invisible but real threat. We circle around, maintaining our physical distancing, mask-wearing, hand washing, and whatever else we can do to keep healthy and safe.

Perhaps this whole message of, “wear a mask to keep others well” is building more community awareness and sensitivity. Less entitlement. Perhaps it’s just bringing entitlement out in more visible ways. When do the rights of the individual trump those for the greater good? What numbers do we need to reach for our individual rights to return? When do we fight for our freedom and at what cost to others?

When will our circling end?

I suppose this is where the wisdom of ‘The Red Green Show’ comes in: “Remember, I’m pullin’ for ya. We’re all in this together.”

Circling together. Estimated Time of Arrival: To Be Announced…. but not to worry — it’s probably in the flight plan, and our Pilot knows what He’s doing.

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