Renewed: Day 36, Selfishness

“Selfishness is born into us. We come with a desire to cling to what is ours, fight for our rights, and defend our turf. Selfishness is neither taught nor caught; we are born with our own interests squarely at the center of our hearts.

Christ calls us to something different. (Renewed, Leigh Powers, pg 149)

When we think of others, meeting their needs as a body of believers, we function in unity. Community is born out of this singleness of mind and purpose.

There are times when one is hurting and needs special care – we will always have the fragile and poor among us – but in our joining together, even the wounded may see places where they can serve others as well. Each one of us is a necessary part of the family of God.

I am so encouraged by our small prayer group. We are thinking of ways to reach out into our community and connect with others. We are looking at the needs we each have and praying for each other as well as finding ways to practically help each other. God is blessing us and we are thankful. It is so lovely to be a group of people who are practicing selflessness.


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