Renewed: Day 35/40, Angry Dragons / Wounded Sheep

“I’m not saying that we should put up with sheer meanness or verbal abuse. There are times when we need to lovingly confront others about their sin. Sometimes we need to draw boundaries such as refusing to remain in a disrespectful conversation.” (Renewed, Leigh Powers, pg 146)

After my last post, I’m relieved that Powers clarified the point that there are times for loving confrontation.

“Perhaps we need to stop avoiding dragons and start seeking out wounded sheep. We gain this perspective when we allow God to reach into our broken places and bring healing. His grace flows out through our scars, transforming how we see and how we love. When we see through God’s eyes, we stop running from people and start reaching out to them in love. Set boundaries, protect ourselves – yes. But our goal should be to help wounded people find the healing that comes only in clinging to the name of Jesus.” (Ibid.)

This is the step I am currently working through. I’m still too angry for meeting up with my dragons and seeing them as wounded sheep… it’s going to take time for the face to face grace to follow, but one day, I hope it will be there.¬† I’m working on it so that one day it will be.

“When others wound you – and they will – look to God for healing. Let God remind you who you are to him. Being secure in God’s love gives us a shield against the attacks other people throw at us.” (Ibid.)

I know deep down that those bullies have deep wounds. Some are mentally ill because of what they have endured and then chosen as a means to cope with those wounds. The mentally ill dragons are better left and prayed for. But for those who are the run-of-the-mill dragons, it may be better to openly address the issues.

For all of my determinations in confronting sinful behaviour, I don’t know that I will ever be brave enough to “go there” if I’m ever face to face with my dragons from past churches.

But whether I can confront others or not, what is a non-negotiable is forgiving them and praying for them and being kind to them.

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