From the pit

First off, I actually have had a good day and a good weekend. I don't want to alarm anyone by my choice of title. It comes from a conversation I had in this past year. One of the instigators who wants my husband removed from our church is a woman that sometimes attends prayer meeting.... Continue Reading →


Not again.

I've been writing a fair good number of social media posts that being with, "Confessions of a Pastor's Wife". Sometimes, I think I should just start my own page with that - just to stay a bit more anonymous... but that would also really defeat the purpose - which is to be real about my... Continue Reading →

Getting through

Phew! I managed to get through our summer vacation and made some good memories along the way! Usually my partial, type-A personality takes over in about February, with booking hotels and campgrounds, and printing maps, and working up field trips along the way. Not this year.  I'm not sure what happened. I tried to book... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Blogger Award

Special thanks to Gail at Gail Loves God for this nomination!  Gail is such an encouraging person - I always leave her blog feeling uplifted. 🙂   Gail asked 11 questions of her nominees: Do you know how much God loves you?  Yes! ❤  Where in the world do you live?  I live in Canada; in a summer village... Continue Reading →

Healing: Faith meets the Faithful One

Reaching out through the dusty feet of a crowd, she grasps his hem, and hopes for healing.  Faith meets the Faithful One.  A current of power passes through her grasping, hoping hands into her bleeding depths. ... It wasn't about the outer garment. Gifts are rarely accurately reflected by their packaging. It was all about... Continue Reading →


I was going to say, "swamped" but 'quagmire' just sounds more poetic. Either way, I am caught up in circumstances that are difficult to maneuver and somewhat overwhelming. On the positive side, I have finished going through part 1/4 of the Bible study that I'm writing with one of the ladies in my 'guinea pig... Continue Reading →

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