Getting away

Several years ago, I took a break from social media. It was so good to just quiet the noise. My mental health needed the break. Months later, when I returned, I determined to be more intentional with how I used it. I think it is good to figure out why you want to be on... Continue Reading →

The trouble with Elna

Shortly before marrying my Father, my Mother bought her first sewing machine, a circa 1958-1964 Elna Zig-Zag (now known as the Elna 3). She sewed bridesmaid dresses to bathing suits and many different outfits for me. Elna is a simple machine, very basic and plain (you get 2 stitch patterns to choose from: straight or... Continue Reading →

Slow Progress

Is feeling pain, progress? Is pain better than apathy or a numb, empty feeling? Does the pain actually mean hope? We have been "broadcasting - live" church services from our living room for the past month on social media. We are fortunate to have a tech-savvy pastor in my husband. He has also been posting... Continue Reading →

Slowing Down

I had begun last week with such high hopes and expectations for buckling down and getting things done. I was ready for action! I got a few things done on my check-list but not nearly all that I had envisioned. So, this week, I am trying to be much more gentle with myself and stop... Continue Reading →

Covid-19: Last Day Out

1.10 That was my last TSH measurement. It is the lowest I've had yet. Noticeable differences are: feeling warmer most of the time; having more energy; and possibly hand tremors. I cut back my NDT dose this morning from 75 to 67.5 (approximately. cutting pills in halves and quarters when they crumble easily is tricky... Continue Reading →

Covid-19: Active Rest

Since our provincial government has encouraged us to stay at home, I have been trying to plan out meals and calendar activities for this month and next. I fully intended on staying inside and not risking going out for shopping, but as our risk of contracting the virus will only increase over the next several... Continue Reading →

Current Events in Our Area: COVID-19

I don't tend to write much about the 'once in a lifetime' experiences that I go through. I'm not sure why that is because I love to read first-hand accounts of those who have survived big happenings. I've also been avoiding social media and all of the "stay positive/don't panic/toilet paper hoarding/homemade hand sanitizer recipes"... Continue Reading →

Speaking your truth

In my research into hypothyroidism, I came across the Hindu teachings about chakras. To be clear, I don't ascribe to Hinduism but my interest was piqued by their belief that thryoid issues were due in part to not using your voice. Acquiescing to others when you know you shouldn't; staying silent instead of speaking up;... Continue Reading →


Honor: Noun: high respect; great esteem. adherence to what is right or to a conventional standard of conduct. Verb: regard with great respect fulfill (an obligation) or keep (an agreement) I recently read a Bible devotional that talked about how God honors us.  Initially, it rubbed wrong and I had to stop and ask myself... Continue Reading →

Pink Glasses of Hope

"Honor your own pace. "Walk, don't run." Recovery doesn't care about your ambition, only on your current ability. Mental illness is trauma and trauma takes time to heal."             Sam Dylan Finch The problem with knowing the basics of something, is forming assumptions about how long it should take to master... Continue Reading →

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