Little bulbs of Autumn

My Dad has been worried about me lately. He doesn't word it like that, of course. He poses questions and shares his experiences and ends with trusting God. He knows God goes with me, and reminds me of that fact. But underneath it all is a fear, a wish that life was easier for his... Continue Reading →


Struggling with the door – Part 2

Click. Much processing today was accomplished. Many prayer conversations woven throughout. I feel more settled. Comforted. Peaceful. Coming across this meme today... was well-timed encouragement.

Struggling with the door

My mind feels stronger than it's been for years; but a darkness still creeps around the edges...a ribbon of black fog that looks easily dispersed, if I would only figure out the spiritual truth to blow it away. I remind myself: I'm not that powerful; I am not my own worst enemy; God will reveal... Continue Reading →

Being let go

I guess it could be seen as rejection, but I'm choosing to see it as freedom. I've been praying that she would 'let me go'; to find her peace in God and not in futile attempts to control anyone other than herself. Certainly, not me. That is the difficult part of friendships between Christians: when... Continue Reading →


One of my thyroid meds has been increased, and a touch of insomnia appears to be one side effect. Increased body temperature is a welcome change. Anyway, 3:30am is currently a time for processing change. My mother came to visit for a few days this week. One of my children had a birthday, so she... Continue Reading →

1 AM

At 7:30pm, after a very long day, utterly exhausted, I sank under the weight of blankets and all, and cried myself to sleep. At nearly 11pm, I woke up, feeling slightly better. It is now 1 am and I'm nearly ready to resume my rest but I still have questions and prayers and stirring thoughts.... Continue Reading →

5 AM

5 am. If this was May or June or July, the sun would already be alerting the birds; a fanfare of colour would herald his eastern entrance. But this is September. All is dark and quiet. No birdsong or twitters from trees outside my windows. There is no outside encouragement to awaken with the dawn... Continue Reading →

2 am

2 am is never a good time for pretending. My makeup is off and thin satin cannot disguise anything. Everything is what it is at 2 am. No masks. No hiding, except what the darkness covers. And all around me is peace and quiet and I can think through the tired, the earplugged silence, the... Continue Reading →

Just as He was

"That day, when evening came, he said to his disciples, "Let us go over to the other side." Leaving the crowd behind, they took him along, just as he was, in the boat. There were also other boats with him." Mark 4:35,36 Isn't that such a lovely phrase, "just as he was"? How often in... Continue Reading →

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