Anxiety Buster: Breathing

I have 'White Coat Syndrome' - which is when your blood pressure reading is normal at home but when a doctor or nurse takes it, it's often skyhigh. I am slowly improving with my GP over time, but still take my readings at home to share with him so that he can keep an eye... Continue Reading →

Letters on a page

Supper was leftovers. I can't start the laundry just yet. The kids are all taken care of and occupying themselves. My husband is out for the evening at a church function. All is quiet. One would think that this would be the ideal time to write... and I'm convinced it is... it's just that, I... Continue Reading →


Perhaps I should have started to write around 1:30am, when I was feeling the nudge just as strongly as now. It's been a few days of nudging... a few days of feeling the need to write... and not really knowing what to say but just feeling the need to get something, anything, down. Instead, I... Continue Reading →


Have you ever flown in an airplane that had to circle around before it could land? I feel a bit nervous about landings and am usually a bit worked up and overwhelmed, just wanting the flight to be over with. My patience is a little thin. I try to smile. Stay calm. And trust that... Continue Reading →

Getting away

Several years ago, I took a break from social media. It was so good to just quiet the noise. My mental health needed the break. Months later, when I returned, I determined to be more intentional with how I used it. I think it is good to figure out why you want to be on... Continue Reading →

The trouble with Elna

Shortly before marrying my Father, my Mother bought her first sewing machine, a circa 1958-1964 Elna Zig-Zag (now known as the Elna 3). She sewed bridesmaid dresses to bathing suits and many different outfits for me. Elna is a simple machine, very basic and plain (you get 2 stitch patterns to choose from: straight or... Continue Reading →

Slow Progress

Is feeling pain, progress? Is pain better than apathy or a numb, empty feeling? Does the pain actually mean hope? We have been "broadcasting - live" church services from our living room for the past month on social media. We are fortunate to have a tech-savvy pastor in my husband. He has also been posting... Continue Reading →

Slowing Down

I had begun last week with such high hopes and expectations for buckling down and getting things done. I was ready for action! I got a few things done on my check-list but not nearly all that I had envisioned. So, this week, I am trying to be much more gentle with myself and stop... Continue Reading →

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